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My year in reading, 2014 edition

As I prepare for a trip I find myself facing once more my problem of choosing a book to read. As I can't decide what to take (possibly because I don't have access to the book I'm really in the mood to read), it seems as good a time as any to reflect on what I have read this year in the hopes that it will provide me with the inspiration so lacking.


Since the start of 2014, I have read 85 books. Of that number, 36 were various works of history, 19 biographies and memoirs, 3 works of classic lit, 8 science fiction novels, 2 other novels, 16 graphic novels (should they count?), and 1 other work of nonfiction. That last book, on the construction of hybrid courses, was easily the worst book I read this year; as for the best, it was a tie between Jonathan Rose's The Literary Churchill and Don Fehrenbacher's classic on the Dred Scott case, which is definitely on my "books I should have read a long time ago" list.