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My book-purchasing dilemma

I am wrestling with a dilemma, and i think I need some outside advice to help me make my decision.


This year my wife and I decided we would each get ourselves a really big gift for Christmas. While she purchased an iPad, I decided to get a book (surprise, surprise). The one I chose was a history book that was rare but one that I had been interested in for some time. Because of its rarity it doesn't come cheap, and my refusal to consider an ex-libris copy (always a deal-breaker for me) had the dual consequence of reducing the number of available copies while driving the price still further.


When I decided to buy this book, I found a copy for sale at a relatively good price. Unfortunately, the copy effectively vanished (likely because of some bookseller shenanigans), so I turned to the next most-appealing copy. It arrived today, and while in generally very good condition, is marred by the stamp (a sizable one) of a previous owner on the front edge of the book.


Hence my dilemma. I am pretty picky about the condition of my books, and I'm not satisfied unless the copy I own is in very good shape overall. Normally I would send this one back for a refund, but the next-most appealing copy after this one is way too outrageously priced for me to get, so it's basically this one or bust. Yet I don't know if I can be satisfied with it knowing that the stamp is there, and I've even explored ways of eliminating the stamp which, while potentially successful, would prohibit me from returning the book if I wasn't satisfied with the result, thus leaving me with an expensive copy I don't want and a desire to buy another one unfullfillable.


So, what do you think I should do? Should I keep the copy I own -- and, if so, attempt to get rid of the stamp -- or should I just return it and take my chances at sometime in the future, when my options will probably be even more limited?