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Young Wilhelm: The Kaiser's Early Life, 1859-1888
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I don't know if I can wait for Volume 4!

Letter 44 Volume 3: Dark Matter - Charles Soule, Dan Jackson

Letter 44 was a relatively recent discovery for me. I first read about the series online, and after reading a few sample pages I was hooked. I ordered the first two volumes immediately, but I had to wait until now to get the third one, as it was only recently published.


For some time now I have been reading comic books in graphic novel format, waiting for the collections to come out before buying the extended story in one set. This is the first one that has given me cause to reconsider this approach. The story is extremely suspenseful, with Earth thrown into World War III as a result of President Blades's announcement that aliens have been seen in the asteroid belt and that his predecessor had launched an expedition to make contact with them. That the war has been instigated by his predecessor is one of the things that makes the story so engaging for me, with its mix of science fiction and politics making for an addictive mix for me. Ending it was tinged with the frustration of knowing that I would have to wait another year before seeing where Charles Soule and company would take this story next. I don't know if I will be able to make it that long!