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Trump: The Deals and the Downfall - Wayne Barrett

Well, this explains a great deal: "Though [Roy] Cohn had ostensibly been retained by Donald to handle a single piece of litigation, the Trumps' racial discrimination case, he began in the midseventies to assume a role in Donald's life far transcending that of a lawyer. He became Donald's mentor, his constant adviser on every significant aspect of his business and personal life. . . The unmarried and childless Cohn, who concealed his frantic gay lifestyle behind a facade of daytime homophobic toughness, literally adopted Donald. He began to see Trump as potentially his most successful protege and instrument. While Cohn would ultimately be disbarred for stealing from other clients, he did not bill Donald for his on-call attentiveness, seeking occasional payments only when the firm was short of cash. There was no way to reduce what Cohn was getting from Trump--who he saw as an extension of himself--to billable hours."