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To be or not to be a Booklikes librarian

A couple of days ago I received a message from someone at Booklikes:


Hi markk,
I'm writing to say thank you about your hard work and help us to do booklikes better.
We also, would like to invite you to stay as our librarian. If you agree, I can switch the librarians panel for you.
Thank you again.
With respect,


It's a flattering offer, but I'm torn as to whether to accept. While I enjoy adding material to the Booklikes website (mostly dustjacket descriptions and author info), I like doing it on occasion and mainly just for the books I am reading. Being a librarian seems to involve more effort in checking edits than I may be able to devote to the site. It doesn't help that I spent many hours working on both Shelfari and Leafmarks, and I look back on that now as time that would have been more profitably spent on other things.


Does anybody know more about what is expected from Booklikes librarians, or do you know anybody who currently serves in that role and what they think of the experience?