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My 50th anniversary excuse for a "Star Trek" binge-watching

This year will be the 50th anniversary of the premiere of the original series of Star Trek. It went on to spawn an iconic franchise, one that will deliver a new movie in a matter of weeks (in which they will show that motorbikes will still be a thing in the 23rd century).


For me Star Trek was a staple of my youth. I grew up in a time without the spin-offs, when Trek movies with an aging cast and uneven quality popped up in the theaters ever two or three years. The reruns, however, were seemingly ubiquitous, and I wiled away many a Sunday afternoon watching an episode or two. Since, then, however, I find myself watching just the half-dozen or so that I remember most fondly ("The City on the Edge of Forever," or "A Piece of the Acton") or because they had the most interesting messages ("A Taste of Armageddon") . In honor of the anniversary, though, I've decided to take advantage of its availability on Netflix and watch every one of the original episodes -- good, bad, and meh -- in order, to see how well it holds up for me today. Seeing them with the perspective of an adult should be interesting, especially seasoned with a dose of nostalgia for my wasteable youth.