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My new year's resolution for 2017.
My new year's resolution for 2017.

Today my local YMCA had their annual book sale. It was my third year going; the first year I found a great copy of the first volume of Otto Pflanze's biography of Otto von Bismarck. The price? $2. Since then I look forward to going as an opportunity to find gems, though I suspect that was an outlier.


This year I found some neat stuff, most of which I will gift to my students. As I perused the boxes, though, I came across this copy of Don Quixote. Though it's one of those titles that I've long seen and heard referenced, I've never considered reading it. As I saw this Penguin paperback, however, I was seized by a sudden desire to buy it and read it, so I added it to my stack.


As any bibliophile knows, though, there's a difference between owning a book and reading it. So I've decided that reading Don Quixote is going to be my New Year's resolution. I haven't read a work of literature since Madame Bovary, so I'm overdue to dig into a classic and Don Quixote definitely fits the bill.