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My reading future

I have a problem.


It's one that I have been aware of for a while, but the magnitude of it became apparent only a couple of days ago when I was browsing my "Read" list on my Goodreads app. What stood out for me almost immediately was that increasingly the books that I am reading can be grouped into one of three categories:


1) Books for my podcast

2) Books for reviewing

3) Books for reading groups


What is missing might be categorized as "books for fun" or "books from my TBR list." I have ceded a lot of my reading priorities to others, and while I admit that these were all conscious choices and that I generally select books or agree to the selection of books that I have at least some interest in, doing so means reading them on a timeline that theirs rather than mine.


The past is the past. The question is, what can I do to change this going forward? I already decided to pass on serving as a Hoffer Award judge, which will relieve me of having to plow through about twenty or so books in the new year. Clearly I need to curtail my other activities as well -- but how? As time-consuming as podcasting is and as frustrating as it can be I enjoy it far too much to give it up, while reviewing is the best way for me to get ahold of books that would otherwise empty my bank account. Cutting back on the reading groups are a possibility; I'm down to two, and as I write this I'm already thinking that I need to wrap up one of them. Yet I worry that the siren songs of podcasting and reviewing are just too alluring -- only just a few hours ago I put in a request for yet another enticing title to review that I will add to that ever-present to-do stack.

So, any suggestions as to how I might save my reading future?