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Young Wilhelm: The Kaiser's Early Life, 1859-1888
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The messes I get myself into

Well, it seems I've gotten myself into something of a reading pickle.

After a relatively dormant period that was extended by some technical issues I'm trying to knock out a few more podcasts before the end of the year. I have three lined up with a fourth one possible (I'm even trying to arrange a Christmas-themed one, though the fact that I haven't heard back from the author suggests that this probably won't happen). The schedule was reasonably manageable, too, with the interviews spaced out so that they were weekly, which would give me plenty of time to read each book in advance.

And then I had to go and muck it up.

In response to a call for volunteers I signed up to help out my son's class with a field trip next week to the local zoo. This necessitated rescheduling the interview I had scheduled for that day, which was moved up by two days. Then I heard back from one of the other authors, who decided that the day that worked best was the day before my rescheduled interview I had just rescheduled, so now I have two interviews scheduled for next week -- and I haven't even started either book.

This is on top of my interview with author #3, who is out with the third volume in a trilogy. I haven't read the first two, and I was foolish enough to ask if he thought I needed to read them before tackling the third; I didn't think I did, but I figured I would ask so as to make it clear in a subtle way that I hadn't. Of course he suggested that I should, so I have those two books to read even before I start preparations for the third interview (which, thankfully, is at least in the week following the other two I have scheduled).

So now I have five books to read and roughly two weeks in which to read them. It helps that, in a crunch, I really only need to "familiarize" myself with them, but as I've found that reading them seems to make for a better interview I'm going to do my best to get through it all.

Who do I get myself into these messes?