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The Pursuit of Power: Europe 1815-1914
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The end of my reading year

Today I finished up the last of my commitments for the calendar year. The elation I am feeling right now is real, not least because I now have an entire week in which I can read anything I want.


It's funny how how I've come to this. It wasn't too long ago that my reading schedule was my own, and I chose to read whichever books interested me. Then I committed to read more for my classes, after which I took up reviewing for academic journals and then some book clubs before adding podcasting to my list of commitments. Now I find that much of my reading consists of meeting one deadline after another. I'm not complaining, as this is entirely by choice, but it does mean that much of my library sits untouched.


So what will I be reading? I'm indulging myself with two books. The first is Revelation Space, which is not entirely a choice of my own free will (I'm reading it as part of the two-person sci-fi book club I'm in), but one that I think I will like. The other is Andrew Gordon's The Rules of the Game, which is an intriguing study that argues that the cautious British leadership at the battle of Jutland in 1916 was the product of decisions made decades ago that suffocated the Nelsonian tradition that had been a hallmark of the Royal Navy before then. Perhaps that isn't most people's definition of vacation reading, but I'm excited to read something for the sheer enjoyment of it. Expect a review soon!