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Richard J. Evans
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Young Wilhelm: The Kaiser's Early Life, 1859-1888
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One author's personal journey through the history of the horse

The Age of the Horse: An Equine Journey Through Human History - Susanna Forrest

If Susanna Forrest's book were an animal it would be a mule: a mix of episodic history and personal reporting that is designed to show the roles that horses have played over the millennia. Her chapters convey the diverse ways in which humans have used -- and exploited -- horses in roles ranging from entertainment to motive power, and from food to warfare. Her passion for her subject matter shines on every page, and is as important to her ability to demonstrate the value of horses to humanity as is her reporting or her historical tales. Taken together, it all makes for a book that everyone who is passionate about equines should read, as well as those who would like to know more about the myriad roles horses played in making us who we are today.