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Andy Griffith in space!

Salvage 1


Last night I discovered that Salvage 1 was available to watch for free on YouTube. It's a 1979 TV movie/series premiere starring Andy Griffith about a scrap dealer who decides to build a rocket so he can go to the moon and salvage all of the equipment NASA left behind. It sounds goofy, but it was better done than I thought it would be based on the premise.


I mention it here because afterward I thought about why I recognized the show and wanted to watch it. It was then that I remembered the Starlog TV episode books I read as a kid, because in the pre-Internet days when I grew up it was a lot easier to read descriptions of sci-fi TV shows (including Salvage 1, which as a series lasted for a truncated season and change) than it was to watch the shows themselves.Ever since I discovered social cataloguing websites I've been trying to reconstruct my early reading history, so being able to add these books to my "Read" shelf was nice.