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A persistence of meh

Sundiver - David Brin

This was my first David Brin novel, and it may be my last. It's not that it's a terrible book, just that it left me with such a feeling of meh-ness. The premise and world-building was interesting (even if the uniqueness of humanity grated a bit) and the science of how a ship might travel into the Sun was fascinating, even if some of it went over my head. It was the character development which left me with such tepid sentiments towards the novel; his central character seems to be infused with more than a touch of Gary Stu-ism, while the other humans (and the aliens, for that matter) serve as little more than plot devices. Perhaps this reflected his immaturity as a writer (Sundiver was his first novel) and his later works might have better-developed characters, but if I read them it will likely be because circumstances have brought them to me rather than because I searched them out for myself.