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The Know Nothing Party In Massachusetts: The Rise And Fall Of A People's Movement - John R. Mulkern

In my eagerness to post my previous quote, I forgot this gem from page 72:

Veteran newspapermen likewise missed the [Know-Nothing] trend. Only scattered references to the new party appeared in the major newspapers during the first half of the year. In mid-August, the state's leading Whig newspaper, the Boston Daily Advertiser, finally took notice. The newspaper admitted that it did not have much information to go on, but it condemned the strange new party anyway for its secrecy and its "ridiculous gossip about guns, and poison, and massacre." Apparently, the secret order's chief purpose was to deprive "friendless servant girls and Irish lumpers" of their livelihood. A party so dedicated and so contrary to republican principles, the Advertiser assured its readers, could never win.

It seems that media condescension is also nothing new.