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The role of guilt in shaping my reading choices

The Young Lloyd George - John Grigg

This weekend my wife and I started watching the second season of The Crown, which so far we're enjoying immensely. I was especially interested in watching the fifth episode, "Marionettes," which is centered around a 1957 controversy surrounding an article that criticized the monarchy as outdated. I was interested in it, because I had twice met the author of that article, John Grigg (as he became when he disclaimed his title in 1963). Seeing him portrayed on the show reminded me was a great person he was – warm, generous, and a first-rate writer. It also reminded me, though, that of his seven books I had read only one: the first volume of his (sadly incomplete) multi-volume biography of the British prime minister David Lloyd George. Now I feel ashamed that I haven't read the other volumes, and determined to rectify that in the near future.