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A brief reading window appears, or: How podcasting has shaped my reading for better and for worse

In a week I head off for Christmas with my wife's family. We do it every year, and I always enjoy myself, not the least reason being that I have a week of concentrated reading without commitments. This year I convinced them to celebrate Jolabokaflod, and I already acquired the chocolates for it (it turned out to be surprisingly hard to find the Ghirardelli individual milk chocolate squares, but I have them now!), so that will only add to the fun.


I'm really looking forward to a week of reading whatever the heck I want, because lately my reading has been very podcast-driven. It will be especially so this week, as a Skype update (f*****g Microsoft) rendered three of my interviews unusable, so I have to redo those as well as the other 2-3 new ones I was planning to record before we left. Fortunately I don't have to reread the books for the redos, but I do have to refresh myself a little so that's an additional hour or so of reading that I can't spend on something else on top of the three or so I have to spend on the re-recording.


The silver lining of this technology-driven fiasco has been that it's forced me to reconsider the amount of time I spend on podcasting. It's no secret that I enjoy it, and not only has it led me to find ways to accelerate dramatically my reading rate but it's exposed me to a lot of books that I would probably otherwise never have read. But I've let it take over too much of my life, especially during the times between semesters when I go from doing 2-3 podcasts a month to 1-2 podcasts a week. It's clear from this experience that I need to make my 2-3/month a year-round standard. Perhaps that will be my new year's resolution!