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My 2018 Reading Resolutions

I hate resolutions -- except when it comes to reading! So here are mine for the upcoming year:

1. Rein in my podcasting and its related reading requirements. I love podcasting: the free books, the opportunities it provides to interact with amazing authors and to give their books greater attention, and the ways in which it has pushed me. But as I noted in a previous post, I need to rein it in. The flip side of reading so many recently published books is that it's taking me away from older titles that I've long intended to read. If I want to get to them, then the first step is to keep the number of podcasts at a manageable level. Of my reading resolutions, this will be the hardest one to keep, but it will be key to my success in keeping the others.


2. Whittle down my "to-read" list. Isn't the TBR pile both the joy and bane of every reader's life? It is the unconquerable mountain of promise, scaled with intent and hopefully never to be surmounted because then we will have run out of books to read. For me, though, the "to-read" lists on sites like Booklikes is different, as mine is a mix of books I want to read but not own and ones that I started but need to finish. The bigger mine is, the more it annoys me and prevents me from adding to, so this year I'm going to make more of a concerted effort to shrink it by reading some of the titles on it.


3. Read more non history/biography nonfiction. I love love love reading nonfiction for the ways in which it broadens my understanding of our world.When it comes to doing so, I favor the historical approach, but I've long appreciated that it cuts me off from a lot of knowledge that I should discover. So this year I'm gong to read some nonfiction that isn't just history, starting with Daniel Lieberman's The Story of the Human Body and moving on from there. Even if I only get to 3-4 books, I'll be richer for the experience.


4. Read poetry! Last April for National Poetry Month, I resolved to start reading poetry -- right as the month was coming to an end. I don't need an event to read poetry, (well, I shouldn't anyhow), but I'm going to make an effort this April to incorporate more poetry into my reading diet. I certainly have plenty of poetry books in my collection; it's simply a matter of taking one off of the shelf and reading it.


So, those are my goals. Now it's time to start meeting them!