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My DIY Book Repair Adventure

One of the things that I enjoy most about our world today is the ability to order books. Part of it is the convenience of it all, the ability to track down a copy in an obscure locale that I would never be able to visit and have it delivered to my doorstep. Sometimes the book comes carefully wrapped in paper or bubble wrap, or sometimes even both, and as annoying as it can be to open it up my resentment is always tempered by the knowledge that the bookseller did me a real service by taking the time to ensure that my copy arrived in the best possible condition. Then there are those who essentially dump in an envelope and pop it the mail as though they were disposing of unwanted food.


Today I received a book from one of the latter. I discovered this the moment i opened the grey plastic envelope to find my latest purchase, which was intact for the most part but with a severely bumped corner. The book's condition was otherwise fine and the damage in no way made the contents unreadable, yet the bump corner annoyed me to no end.


So I decided to fix it.


Though over the years I've learned a few things about maintaining books, I did not know how to fix a bumped corner. So I did what most everyone else does nowadays: I went online to research how to do it. It wasn't long before I came across this site, and soon I was assembling the items identified as necessary for the job. While finding most of them was easy, I couldn't turn up the needle necessary to inject my glue mixture into he cover. Fortunately my father produced a blunt-nosed one that I was able to use to force the milky-white mixture into the cover, and I tested out the process on an unwanted hardback


To my pleasant surprise the mixture worked! I soon applied some to the corner of the book i had ordered, added the clamps, and waited for the results. So far the effort seems to have been a success: the corner is stiff and there's only a cosmetic stain left behind by my efforts. Time to start looking through my collection to see if there are any other titles which might benefit from my new fix!