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Recovering another piece of my reading past

Flying Aces Of World War I (Landmark Edition) - Gene Gurney

I went book shopping yesterday, and while perusing the shelves of one of the bookstores I visited I came across a copy of Gene Gurney's Flying Aces of World War I. One of the things that I've enjoyed about social book sites is having my reading history accessible to review. Reconstructing my history prior to when I started recording it was a fun exercise, and it's always great to discover a title that I had forgotten or couldn't recall. Gurney's title was one such book, and seeing the cover brought back memories of reading it while sitting on the concrete steps at my elementary school during recess.


I didn't buy it (a decision I'm already regretting a little), but I did take a couple of pictures of its contents to get some relevant information before putting it back on the shelf. Since then I have been using the info from the book to create a listing on Goodreads for the series (sadly, organizing by series is one of the things Goodreads does better than Booklikes). I've even come across another title in a related series list that I may have read back then as well, though I'll have to locate a copy to be sure.