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Time to geek out on Kubrick?

Now that Reviewapalooza is winding down and the end of my current reviewing assignments is in sight, I'm thinking ahead to what I might want to read next. This morning inspiration struck me in the form of a review in the New York Journal of Books of Michael Benson's new book on 2001: A Space Odyssey, which was released fifty years ago this  month. I've placed a hold on it with my library, and I'm hoping that I'll still be interested enough in reading it by the time it arrives.


As I await notification of its availability, though, I may tackle something even more ambitious: Alison Castle's book on Stanley Kubrick's unmade movie about Napoleon Bonaparte. Kubrick has long been my all-time favorite filmmaker, and this was a project that has intrigued me ever since I first learned of it years ago. Castle's book looks like it will satisfy my curiosity and then some, and hopefully Benson's book will be available by the time I'm through with it.