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Thinking Wisely, Planning Boldly: The Higher Education and Training of Royal Navy Officers, 1919-39
Joseph Moretz
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The Pursuit of Power: Europe 1815-1914
Richard J. Evans
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Young Wilhelm: The Kaiser's Early Life, 1859-1888
John C. G. Röhl
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Democracy: A Life - Paul Anthony Cartledge

I am just not feeling this book right now. It received a ton of praise when it was first published last year and it's all well deserved, but it contains everything that turns me off about ancient history: meticulous parsing of sources, entire paragraphs about the meaning of words, and detailing of arguments by different scholars without definite resolution. It's finally getting to the good stuff, but if I wasn't reading this for a podcast I would DNF it for a time when I was more motivated to read it.