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I have my first Star Trek novels!

So, for my plan to read the Pocket Book series of Star Trek novels I went out to the local used bookstore and came back with these finds.



To be honest, I was just a little disappointed with the selection, as I thought they would have more of the older ones available than they did. Still, I took most of the ones they had and walked out the store happy.


I've already picked one -- Greg Bear's Corona -- and started on it. So far it's validating my decision in ever respect, being both an entertaining read and one unburdened by the need to be faithful to the collective mass of the Star Trek universe, At this clip, I should be done with this bunch in a couple of weeks, buy which time I'll probably have a few more to get through. I may even save a couple and box them up for future rereading, as they are definitely proving to be fun.