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Killing Time (Star Trek, No 24) - Della Van Hise

So I'm onto my second Star Trek novel. It's the one that I was most looking forward to based on the description, and I'm enjoying it but for two quibbles (three, if you count the the author's spelling of psych as "psyche"). The first is the introduction by the author of unique characters who just happen to have some sort of unique ability or gift that will of course be integral to the resolution of the conflict. To be fair, this is was hardly something introduced into Star Trek by the novels, but it's the second novel in a row where it's happened and I'm already getting a little annoyed with its predictability.


My main issue so far with the book, though, is with Van Hise's depiction of Kirk. It just doesn't sound like him. This is one of the things that I enjoyed so much about Bear's novel, which is that I never thought they acted or sounded any less than the characters from the original series. Van Hise's Kirk, though, comes across as a different character from the one on the screen, with words and views that seem alien to the Kirk we all have come to know (I welcome anyone to make the case that James T. Kirk would ever use the word "willies"). It's distracting enough to throw me off from the immersiveness that I look for when i read a novel, though as the plot is picking up (and the character himself is undergoing a change)  I'm hoping it becomes less of an issue.