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Killing Time (Star Trek, No 24) - Della Van Hise

Van Hise has a nice little joke about redshirts, but it seems a little incongruous because I just don't think she gets Star Trek. It isn't helping that while I like the idea of her plot, the way she's executing it (while likely necessary for its resolution) doesn't make sense.


UPDATE: So, after I posted this, I pulled up the author's bio on Goodreads and in it whomever wrote it (I suspect Van Hise herself, considering that she's tagged as a Goodreads author) described this book as "the controversial Star Trek novel." So I Googled that and came up with this. Based on cover and the printing details, it turns out I even have the original edition. I have to say that, now that I know a little of the context, I suspect I will enjoy reading the rest of the book a little more, as it makes a couple of the things I've been wrestling with regarding this book a lot more understandable!