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Appreciating it more on the second read

Dominion - C.J. Sansom

Yesterday I went book shopping with my son and two of his cousins. We had a fun time visiting three Half Price Bookstores in town, where they fed their interests by loading up on titles (there are few things I enjoy more then encouraging young readers!). I also picked up a few books for myself, including C. J. Sansom's 2012 alternate history novel Dominion. It wasn't until I got back to our place, though, that I checked Goodreads and discovered that this particular "what-Britain-would-be-like-if-the-Nazis-won" novel was one I had read before.


Sadly I didn't write a review of the book at the time, so I don't know why I awarded it three stars on the Goodreads scale. When I reread it, though, I wonder if I might not have been a little unfair in my rating the first time around. It's a little exposition-heavy, and it gravitates around the usual atomic-bomb MaGuffin, but the premise is well done and the plot and characters are pretty good. I'll have to give t another read at some point, both to write up a proper review and to decide whether this is worth adding to my shelf of keepers for rereading.