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Lord Reading: Rufus Isaacs, First Marquess of Reading, Lord Chief Justice and Viceroy of India, 1860-1935
Denis Judd
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Charlotte Lennox: An Independent Mind
Susan Carlile
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Operation Don's Main Attack: The Soviet Southern Front's Advance on Rostov, January-February 1943
David M. Glantz
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Young Wilhelm: The Kaiser's Early Life, 1859-1888 - John C. G. Röhl

I've reached Röhl's coverage of Wilhelm's marriage to Augusta Victoria, which like everything else so far he covers in his meticulous and opinionated style. Perhaps It's the result of the breaks I've taken to read other material, but the degree to which he judges developments by his own political views really stands out here. It's a little problematic for me, yet given the pages of detail he provides I feel as though I can't really begrudge him the right for a little opinionating. It's like getting a guide's personal take on the architecture of a building after spending an informational half-hour meticulously touring it.