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My new pile of books!

Yesterday I went with my son and a couple of friends on a book shopping trip. Lately I've exercised considerable restraint on my trips, weighing my choices against the mountain of books I already own and the ready availability of other titles in the libraries to which I have access.


Yesterday was different, however.



I was pleasantly surprised by my finds, as it's not often that I come across so many interesting books on these trips. These, for example, were completely unexpected:


I've orbited around reading Hodgson's series for years, which has long intrigued me but as never been a priority. I may return these after further examination, though; if after examining them closely I still can't see myself reading them anytime soon I'll probably do so just to keep free the shelf space they would take up.

By contrast, this won't take up much space at all:


Arendt's book is a short (less than 100 pages) study, but one that addresses an enduring topic. Given how interested I'm getting in her writings, I suspect I will enjoy reading this one.


I also indulged in an impulse buy:


Edwardian England is one of the eras of history in which I am most interested, and I have long wanted to read more of the contemporary fiction from that time. Tressel's book is one of them, and the moment I saw this copy on a shelf it practically called out to me. This edition even has an introduction by Alan Sillitoe!

Not all of my shopping was for myself, though. I picked up a copy of Twain's short stories for a colleague who told me earlier this week that he had never read Twain's "The £1,000,000 Bank-Note" (one of my all-time favorites), so I thought I should introduce him to it. And then there were these:


I've been looking for copies of John Christopher's Tripods Trilogy for awhile to give to one of my nephews, as he has been getting into science fiction lately. For some reason, though, copies have been increasingly hard to come by (they were in abundance the last time I cobbled together a set), and regarded myself as fortunate to have come across these mismatched volumes. As they're the second and third books, though, I still can't give them to him, so I may just break down and get a cheap copy online so I can pass them along at last.