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Shelving my early Christmas gift

It's been over a week since my early Christmas gift arrived in the mail. Since that time the books have sat on my dining room table awaiting relocation to some secret place to be wrapped and presented officially once the holidays are actually here. It's my wife's tradition and one that I've respected until now.


Today after having waited a decent length for the books to be moved I gave up and decided to take action. Packing them up, I took them to my office, where they now rest proudly on my shelves.



Don't they look great? The ones at the end are the volumes of the Industrialisation of Soviet Russia series that sparked all of this craziness. Lined up like that, it's going to be hard to resist reading them  which of course was the point of getting them in the first place.


Now, though, I have a new problem: finding space for the books that these displaced: