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Kursk: The Battle of Prokhorovka - Christopher A. Lawrence

I'm less than a tenth of the way into this so far, and my first impressions are forming. This is an incredibly thorough book, as Lawrence has spent the first 100+ pages simply going over the planning for the battle. This is proving worthwhile, because some key points are becoming clear mainly that the Germans lost the war in the east at Stalingrad, that the Germans really had no new strategic goal to replace that of defeating the Soviets, and that a major factor shaping planning of the German generals in the east was the view that this would likely be the last year in which a Western Front would not be a factor. All of this had the effect of downgrading the importance of the battle that Lawrence spends the next 1500+ pages covering, but even if I were to DNF it today I will already have learned much in value from it.