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Doctor Who: Scales of Injustice: The Monster Collection Edition - Gary Russell

Veracity might be a funny thing to expect when reading science fiction, but it's something that matters a lot to me; it's just easier for me to accept the fantastic elements when I'm not quibbling over the real-world details. So while reading this Gary Russell Doctor Who novel, I stumbled across this on page 24:

Mike and Liz had shared a couple of tense situations, and while Liz would never claim they were close friends, she did feel a certain bond with the young sergeant.

She remembered that the Brigadier had already asked for her opinion on Yates as possible captain material. If honesty, integrity and reliability were essential requirements for a military promotion, then Mike Yates fitted the bill perfectly.

I'm sorry, but in what army can someone be promoted from the rank of sergeant straight to that of captain? I know that promotion is possible from the enlisted ranks to the officer corps, but that results in the person becoming a lieutenant, not a captain. Perhaps there's an explanation for this later in the text, but I haven't so far and I suspect it's more a reflection of Russell's ignorance of military ranks and how promotion works more than anything else. It's the kind of thing that really sours my ability to enjoy the overall book because if he can't get the small stuff right, how can I trust him with the bigger issues?