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Ishmael - Barbara Hambly

I had been looking for a copy of Barbara Hambly's first contribution to the Star Trek Pocket Books series ever since I began my Star Trek novel reading project this summer; I had first read it in the 1980s, and retained fond memories of it. Yesterday I found one while book shopping in Tucson and I dug into it almost as soon as I returned home. Re-reading it proved very interesting. The premise of the novel is that an amnesiac Spock finds himself in Seattle in 1867, where he meets up with Aaron Stemple. If the name sounds familiar, it's probably not because you recognize it from history but from television, specifically an ABC show that ran for two seasons in the late 1960s, albeit one premised on a real-life historical event. Normally I'm bothered by a time travel novel that sets events in fictional works rather than the actual past (and Hambly's insertion of thinly-veiled characters and references from other television shows and sci-fi franchises didn't help), but the strength of Hambly's story coupled with realization of her underlying joke helped me to move past that and enjoy the novel for what it was.