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The Governors-General: The English Army And The Definition Of The Empire, 1569-1681
Stephen Saunders Webb
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Well, this is unusual

— feeling excited

This weekend we went to my in-laws for our annual fall birthday celebrations. This afforded me considerable time to read in conditions like this:



But for the bugs, it would have been ideal


Between this and the plane flight I had plenty of time to read and because of it, for the first time in months my "Currently Reading" shelf is now empty! It's giving me a heady sense of freedom, in that, with all of my immediate reading obligations finished it feels as though anything is now possible. I have to reread something for a discussion tomorrow, but after that I think I'll pull something off of my TBR shelf to read for this week. By the time I do that, the deadline for my next podcast will probably dictate what follows.