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End-of-the-year book musings

With Thanksgivings calorie-o-rama just around the corner, my thoughts are increasingly dominated by the holiday season. Over the past few years the holidays have become a time when I get to lounge at my in-laws' farm with a couple of good books chosen out of pure interest and enjoyment — nothing driven by reviewing needs or podcast interviews. For me, there really is no better gift than that.


Of course, this raises the question of what to bring with me to read. I added a collection of Ross Macdonald novels to my Christmas wish list, but I've learned long ago not to base my reading plans on books that I don't have in my possession. There are a few titles that I might read for the upcoming semester (the thought of embarking on my long-delayed Spanish-language reading project won't go away), but the thought of tackling one of the long neglected tomes on my shelf may be too tempting to ignore.