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My December reading project!

A few months back I found myself developing an interest in reading some of the Doctor Who novels written before the relaunch of the series in 2005. Originally my focus was on the "Past Doctor Adventures" series published by BBC Books in the early 2000s, but more recently my interest has expanded to include the older Virgin "Missing Adventures" series from the 1990s. Reading them has proven a challenge, though, because unlike the Star Trek novels I read earlier this year the Doctor Who novels are a tad more difficult to acquire, given that they were published in the UK and didn't make it as often to this side of the pond.


Yesterday, however, while searching eBay for a particular title I came across a seller offering this:



That's nine novels in the Virgin Missing Adventures series, none of which I have read. The starting bid was for $30, and while someone else soon offered a higher bid I countered and got the lot for $37.36 — just $4.15 a book!


I'm excited for the prospect of getting a real jump start on my VMA reading; in fact, I'm planning on reading all nine of them over the next month, with any that I don't finish by the time I travel for the holidays coming with me for some end-of-the-year bingeing. So expect to see a bunch of reviews of old Doctor Who novels on your feed before the New Year. I just hope that they'll be favorable ones!