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The Blitz: The British Under Attack - Juliet Gardiner

A couple of days ago, I posted about my post-semester, pre-trip review to-dos. Basically I had two reviews I needed to write before I left, a third that I wanted to write, and fourth that it would have been awesome to send out before I left. I had three down when I posted about it — and yesterday morning I sent off the fourth!


Now that they're done and with no podcasts scheduled for the immediate future, I have a rare opportunity for some completely self-directed reading. I started with a Doctor Who novel and I plan on reading a couple more, but the big question is what nonfiction book will I be taking with me on my trip. At this point I have it narrowed down to two choices: Chris Woolgar's history of the households of the medieval English elite, and Juliet Gardiner's book on the blitz. I'm leaning towards the latter (Gardiner is an absolutely amazing historian and I've greatly enjoyed her other books), but there's something about Woolgar's book that prevents me from committing to it.