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My 2018 Reading Year in Review


My reading in 2018 broke another personal record, as I completed 159 books over the past year. Of that total, 102 were works of nonfiction and the remaining 57 were novels, which was a more balanced ratio of fiction-to-nonfiction than last year. When it came to my reading resolutions for the year, though, I enjoyed only modest success (though I whittled down my TBR list by seven books!), and I'll have to redouble my efforts for those goals in 2019.


Again I was fortunate in my reading choices for the year, which makes choosing the best book I read a little difficult. What I best remember the year for reading-wise, though was my discovery of the mystery novels of Ross Macdonald, which opened up for me a whole new genre that I haven't really explored until now. Picking the worst book is a lot easier, as the best that can be said for Dana Fredsti and David Fitzgerald's novel Time Shards is that reading it was a mercifully brief experience.


On to the new year!