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Today's book haul

This week Half Price Books is running one of their regular sales. These usually involve sending out a series of coupons that escalate over the course of the week, from a modest 20% off the highest-priced item on the first day to 50% off at the end. These often provide an excellent opportunity for me to take a pass through the three branches in town and see if they have anything to offer.


This afternoon my son and I visited two of the three to see what was on offer. He left without purchasing anything; I, on the other hand, did not demonstrate as much restraint.



I was pretty happy with my finds. The Holmes biography is one that I used to own but sold a while back. I tried to read it decades ago but gave up and figured I would never read it; my impeding interview with White, however, made me regret my decision, so I was pleasantly surprised to come across a copy in good condition. The two history books are related to my latest long-term project; the Davey book was available for a song, while the Langford book was one I wasn't even aware existed. The novel was more of an indulgence: occasionally I come across mention of John Steakley as an underappreciated author and Armor as his best work. For a couple of bucks I figured I would give it a try.


But the prize was this gem:



Lavery's book is one that I've come across on occasion but didn't decide to read until recently. It's not exactly a scarce book, but to come across an unread copy when I have a 40% coupon in my hand made my day. Thanks to that and some other discounts, I acquired all of the books for less than $30, which for me constitutes a fine price for my haul.


Hopefully tomorrow is even more productive, as my son and I are heading down to Tucson for one of our occasional book shopping trips. With luck I might even come across a book that I sold down there a while ago and I'm hoping to reacquire again.