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And down another rabbit hole I go!

Henry Adams: The Major Phase - Ernest Samuels

Yesterday while driving around town listened to a podcast about the later generations of the Adams family, which as the author notes was the first political dynasty in America. It was an interesting interview, and when it was over I decided to see what else was out there on the family. In particular, I wanted to see what biographies there were about Charles Francis Adams, Sr. (who was America's minister to Great Britain during the Civil War) and his son Henry.


This is how I discovered that Ernest Samuels had written a three-volume biography of Henry Adams a few decades ago. While I had encountered his one-volume biography of Adams, I wasn't aware until now that it was an abridgment of this earlier work, which had won a slew of awards when it was originally published back in the 1950s and 1960s. Now, I had no interest in reading Samuels's single-volume work, but in what I like to think of as my Law of Proportional Tome Size (FYI, I'm still working on the name), I'm very much interested in reading a three-volume biography of him.


And so I find myself embarking on yet another reading project to add to the many that I have in progress, planned, or collecting dust on my shelves. This is one I plan on taking my time to collect: I'm going resist the temptation to simply order the volumes online and instead add them to the list of books I search for whenever I shop in used book stores.