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Need help choosing a book

Like most people I'm spending this weekend getting a start on my holiday gift shopping. I already have book-related gifts picked out for my wife, my son, and my father, and right now I'm working on getting ones for my tween-aged nephews. One of them is into fantasy, and I'm deciding between Lloyd Alexander's The Chronicles of Prydain series and the first volume in Timothy Zahn's Thrawn trilogy in the Star Wars saga.


My other nephew is a bit more of a challenge; he really loves mathematics, and he's getting into mystery stories. My first thought was to get him a collection of Sherlock Holmes stories, and I was about to start researching the available editions when I was struck by a different idea: what if I were to get him a novel that combined his interests in mysteries and mathematics?


After doing some research, I came up with three options: Guillermo Martinez's The Oxford Murders, Arturo Sangalli's Pythagoras's Revenge, and a collection of mathematical short stories. All sound interesting, but I'm  trying to decide which might be most appropriate. So my questions are these:


1) Has anybody read or do they know someone who has read any of these three and can comment on their appropriateness for a 12-year-old?

2) If you think that Sherlock Holmes is the way to go, can you recommend which edition to get? I'm thinking one that's user-friendly that ideally would combine all the stories, or at least include the best ones.


Any advice here would be appreciated!