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I missed you people

— feeling happy

For the past four days one of the first things I did when I went online is check on the status of Booklikes. Encountering the 522 message on Saturday was annoying; by yesterday, I was growing concerned that it signaled the demise of the site. So to open up my browser today to find that Booklikes was back online brought a smile to my face. And it's all because of you.


I'm a little ashamed to admit this, but in so many ways I prefer Goodreads to this site. With its app and with its other features I find it to be so much more useful in terms of cataloguing and tracking my reading than Booklikes. Yet unless I'm doing some big librarian project I spend much more time here than I do there.


Why is that? It's because of you people.


It took me losing access to the site to realize this, but I enjoy Booklikes so much more because of the community. While I have more "friends" on GR, the site is almost designed to discourage interactions. And this is what I have come to enjoy so much about Booklikes: reading your posts, spending time to articulate my thoughts into one, and getting your thoughts on what I wrote. And in the end, that's not me, that's you.


So wanted to say that I missed you, and I'm glad the site's back and you're back. Now please post something so that I can like it, otherwise I'll have to fill the space with more stuff like this.


Oh, yeah, and that bug that's preventing reading dates from being recorded? It's still there. So much for the hope that all of this was about fixing that problem.