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Summer reading during the coronapocalypse

— feeling excited

Though it sometimes feels for me as though the days are melting into one long binge-watching session, today is the first day of May, which means that the summer is almost upon us. As some of you know, this is the time of the year when I set my reading goals for the season, which usually consist of ambitious projects that I undertake with varying degrees of accomplishment. Unfortunately these projects usually require access to libraries, which our ongoing coronapocalypse has denied us for the foreseeable future. 


This is why for this summer I'm setting myself just one goal: to read the stack of TBR books I have in our house:



While this is a lot less challenging than some of the plans I made for myself in previous summers, it will be enormously satisfying to read these books and be done with them. Best of all, it's a reasonable enough goal that I shouldn't have a problem squeezing in a few other books that I have on my shelves which I long wanted to tackle. With luck, by the time the shutdowns are over, I'll have a box full of books to trade in at my local bookstores, along with shelf space for some of my new acquisitions.