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Treasure Island - R.H.W. Dillard, Robert Louis Stevenson

This morning I had a talk with my son about the summer. Normally he would be attending summer school for the majority of his day, but as we don't live in normal times he is spending the summer indoors chafing under our recently imposed screen time limits because without them he would develop bedsores from long-term sofa occupation. Bad parent that I am, though, I've never taught him how to entertain himself, which is why he spent much of the past week complaining about having nothing to do with his summer of free time.


Hence our conversation. During it, I realized that one of the things he missed was the structure of school, with work punctuated by free time. Because of this, I decided to draw up some lessons to occupy his days. We're starting with Treasure Island, and as I've never read it until now I'm reading an online ebook copy while he listens to an audiobook version.


And this is how I discovered something else I don't like about ebooks, which is the absence of an ISBN for ebooks in the public domain. I decided to list the Signet Classics edition as I'm using an online teacher's guide to help me structure his assignment, but it still grates on me that I can't properly track my page progress.