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The Life and Times of Ernest Bevin, Volume One: Trade Union Leader, 1881-1940 - Alan Bullock

After I posted about my plan to read a book on the battle of Jutland this week, my ex-roommate from grad school emailed me about a couple of reviews of new biographies. One of them was about a biography of Ernest Bevin, and given that the author is a Labour pol (albeit one with solid academic credentials) I expect it will get its fair share of publicity.


While the book isn't uninteresting, it reminded me that I have a superb three-volume biography of Bevin already on my shelf. I read the first volume when i was in graduate school, but the other two have sat unread in the face of more pressing commitments. Since I read the reviews, though, I can't stop thinking about how much I've wanted to read about Bevin — to the point where plowing through those three volumes is more appealing than reading about Jutland. So instead of following through on my original intention I'm going to satisfy my desire to read what I want at the moment and then go from there.