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The Vulcan Academy Murders
Jean Lorrah
Six Minutes in May: How Churchill Unexpectedly Became Prime Minister
Nicholas Shakespeare
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The Industrialisation of Soviet Russia, Volume 1: The Socialist Offensive: The Collectivisation of Soviet Agriculture, 1929-1930
Robert William Davies
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The Pursuit of Power: Europe 1815-1914
Richard J. Evans
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Young Wilhelm: The Kaiser's Early Life, 1859-1888
John C. G. Röhl
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A Godly Hero: The Life of William Jennings Bryan - Michael Kazin Michael Kazin's book is an insightful effort to rehabilitate William Jennings Bryan for our times. Seeking to dispel the image from Mencken of the fundamentalist bigot, he argues that Bryan is a pivotal figure in the transformation of the Democratic Party into the liberal force it became in American politics. While he relies on heavily on previous Bryan biographers for much of his details, his great strength is in his placement of Bryan within the context of his times. This allows him to demonstrate Bryan's impact in the movements and developments of his times, showing him to be a more significant figure than a thrice-defeated presidential candidate might otherwise warrant. The result is the best single-volume biography of Bryan available, one that should be read by everyone interested in this oft-caricatured historical figure.