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John Tyler, the Accidental President - Edward P. Crapol I found Edward Crapol's book to be an extremely informative study of America's tenth president, though part of this was because I know so little about Tyler before I picked up this book. Still, Crapol did a fine job in arguing that Tyler's presidency was more significant than has been appreciated, particularly in terms of its foreign policy. Crapol's focus on this area (a sign of his own academic concentration and the book's origins as a study of the foreign policy of the Tyler administration) demonstrates Tyler's considerable achievements, yet without glossing over or downplaying Tyler's pro-slavery agenda. Because of its lack of detail about Tyler's pre-presidential years (which are addressed only in passing) this may not be the first book I recommend people read if they want to learn about Tyler, but it definitely is one that is essential for a complete understanding of his life and his presidency.