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A beginning brought to a satisfying end

End of the Beginning: A Novel of Alternate History - Harry Turtledove

The second volume of Harry Turtledove's "Days of Infamy" alternate history duology picks up with the island of Oahu still under Japanese occupation. With an American attempt to invade the islands thwarted, the island's inhabitants settle in for an indefinite stay. Yet both the occupiers and civilians feel the mounting pressure from U.S. forces, and the prospect of a second invasion attempt raises the prospect of liberation -- though not without considerable costs for all involved.


Turtledove's concluding volume in the series offer a satisfying conclusion to the events he started in his previous volume, Days of Infamy. Returning to the same diverse cast of characters, he charts their experiences of his diverse array of characters from the ongoing occupation to the aftermath of the fighting. The combination of their differing perspectives and effective pacing make this series one of the best Turtledove ever wrote, as more than it hold its own in comparison to some of the more bloated series the author would go on to write in the years that followed.