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A disappointingly formulaic sci-fi novel

The Breach - Patrick  Lee

I came to this novel by a circuitous route: in looking for time travel novels I encountered a recommendation for the second volume in Patrick Lee's "Travis Chase" series. This meant, of course, reading the initial volume first, which I just did.


And which is why I doubt I'll be searching out that second book.


It's not a bad book so much as it is a depressingly standard one. Guy encounters weird mystery, encounters girl, learns of secret evil organization, etc. etc. It's a shame, too, as the concept of the Breach at the title of the novel isn't a bad one. Yet this isn't the first time that the plot or the writing fails to live up to an intriguing concept. Perhaps someday I'll relent and give Lee's series another chance -- or perhaps I'll just anticipate what happens next in the series and leave it at that.