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The Unstoppable Wasp Vol. 1: Unstoppable! - Jeremy Whitley, Elsa Charretier

So I'm catching myself up on Marvel comics, and I discovered that there's a new Wasp. Unlike the old Wasp, Marvel actually gave this one her very own series, which I decided to check out for myself.


And -- wow!


The premise is that Nadia Pym (Henry Pym's daughter by his first wife) is a scientific genius who was raised in the Red Room (one of Marvel's go-to nebulous evil organizations) until she figured out how to replicate her father's eponymous shrinking particles. Now she's in America, where she's an unstoppable bundle of teenage enthusiasm for making the world a better place, namely by forming a female-focused think-tank dedicated to that goal.


There's something about the idea behind this comic that is a little too calculated for my taste, as though Marvel devised it to fix a very specific marketing problem. And I wonder how well it will weather as it intersects with the darker Marvel Universe (after all, her father is now a genocidal robot, and writers love using the "abusive hidden brainwashing" trope so often when it comes to the Red Room that I doubt that one of them will be able to resist using it at some point down the road with this character). But right now I really don't care because there is such a pleasant glow of optimism and fun emanating from every panel that I'm just going to enjoy it while it lasts.