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Disappointing compared to its counterparts in the PDA series

Doctor Who: Blood Heat - Jim Mortimore

I sought out this Doctor Who novel in the Virgin New Adventures line after enjoying Doctor Who novels in the Past Doctor Adventures series involving alternate history in the Who universe. It was my first VNA novel, and unfortunately it will probably be the last, as it just wasn't as good as the PDA books I've read. Part of this may be attributable to elements unique to Jim Mortimore’s writing, or perhaps to the fact that I just didn’t warm to the characters of Bernice Summerfield and the more warrior-like Ace in the VNAs. Or perhaps it was because the story wasn't resolved within the novel, as the events in it proved part of some overarching contest between the Doctor and some unnamed Big Bad whom he would face again in the next novel. But with so many Doctor Who novels out there to choose from and only a finite amount of time available to read, I think I will invest it in other series that seem truer to what it is I enjoy most in a Doctor Who novel.