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My second pass

Doctor Who: The Face of the Enemy - David A. McIntee

After reading David Mcintee's The Face of the Enemy a couple of weeks ago I decided to go back and watch some of the serials that he references in it. Last night I decided to go and reread it with the show's portrayals in mind, which was unusual for me: while I enjoy rereading books, rarely do I do so so soon after having finished them.


If anything, my appreciation of the novel increased with my second pass through it. Again I'm impressed at how well McIntee captures the portrayal of the characters in the series, as well as his development of a plot that takes them in different directions while fitting it squarely in the Who universe. Finishing it only deepened my resolve to read more of his novels for the various Who lines, though if they don't get here soon I may find myself reading this one a third time.